Optirolls will increase your productivity reactivity flexibility

PlanPlus(DeskTop Application)

The best roll optimization software.

Planplus is a production planning and optimization software, for any company producing and/or transforming rolls. Based on heuristic and mathematical algorithms, it shows you the optimal way to dispatch your production orders on the machines available.

OptiRolls (WEB Application)

Your rolls optimization & planning partner.

Optirolls complements Planplus by centralizing and diffusing the information of your production planning. It analyzes the impacts to ensure a better control of the production. Its use offers a global vision, facilitating upstream decision-making and medium to long-term planning.



Our research and field expertise have shown that targeting an increase in your reactivity rate is the best strategy to ensure optimal and contextual results. The efficiency of your production is influenced by a multitude of factors and unexpected events, which you must deal with daily.


In addition to aiming for an increase in the reactivity rate as explained in the above single site section, production on multiple sites must focus on the centralization of information to ensure its optimality. Indeed, multiple sites = multiple possibilities and multiple constraints.


Optirolls has been designed to be integrated with other existing optimization and planning systems. You can easily plug it with a commercial brand or an in-house software.